Sports Mouth Guards

What is a Sports Mouth Guard?

A sports mouth guard is a custom-fitted dental appliance worn during sport and contact activity to protect your teeth and gums. 

At Fort Richmond Dental Centre in Winnipeg, our dentists provide sports mouth guards to athletes of all ages to help minimize the risk of injury.

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Sports Mouth Guard, Winnipeg Dentist

Keep Your Smile Safe

Patients who play contact sports, such as hockey and football, should have a custom mouth guard to protect their teeth. Even activities such as soccer, mountain biking, and gymnastics pose a risk that your face may come into contact with another person or object.

Custom Mouth Guards, Winnipeg Dentist

Custom Mouth Guards

At Fort Richmond Dental Centre, our Winnipeg dentists will take a digital scan of your teeth so they can create a custom mouth guard to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

We want our patients to enjoy the activities they love without fearing damage to their teeth and mouth. The use of a sports guard can help relieve these concerns.

Should your mouth get hit during an activity, a mouth guard absorbs the impact more evenly. It acts as a barrier between your teeth and the soft tissues in your mouth, preventing injuries such as chipped or broken teeth and cut lips or gums.

Custom mouth guards will be able to protect your teeth for many years with proper care and storage.

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